Zambian Business Club

The Zambian government recognises the potential of its diaspora to support its development at home and abroad. According to the UN an incredible US$300 million was remitted by Zambians in the Diaspora globally in 2010. This support helps Zambia a great deal, but Government recognises there are many other ways the diaspora can contribute to Zambia’s economic development. One way is to harness the technical know-how and enterprising zeal of Zambians in the UK. Our business community is a sleeping giant which the country needs to wake that giant we need a vehicle to link Zambian businesses here with the opportunities at home.

The Club owes its existence to the Founder President Mr Arnold Zulu and the Zambia Trade Cultural and Tourism Centre for taking the initiative and developing the Zambian Business Club. His founding vision for the ZBC is to provide a platform for promoting the business ventures of its members, who are primarily Zambian entrepreneurs based in the UK.

The Club promotes the business ventures of Zambians and by so doing stimulates investment in Zambia. Members benefit from the broad range of advice assembled by the Club’s organisers, and share in the expertise of a broad range of speakers at Club events.

The Club meets at the Zambian Embassy in London and is fortunate to enjoy the support of the Zambian Government and business community. The Club was launched by His Excellency Mr Muyeba Chikonde the Zambian High Commissioner at the Zambian High Commission.

Club Membership

There is no charge for joining the Club and anyone who is interested in business, owns, or wants to set up in business is welcome to join. Members are expected to participate in the activities of the Club wholeheartedly by attending or contributing online. Participation can take many forms including

; giving talks at Club meetings, attending our social functions, or engaging in high level talks with Trade officials.

Membership has responsibilities as well as privileges.

As with any business venture, members must demonstrate that they can have good and trusting business relationship with others. Club members are expected to maintain good business and professional relationships with others in the Club.